Mophie powerstation USB-C


Charge the latest Type-C smartphones and tablets at maximum speeds with the mophie Powerstation USB-C.

The Powerstations powerful 10,000mAh battery gives you enough battery to recharge a smartphone up to three times and is also designed to charge two devices at once.

Charge your USB-C device with high-speeds of 15W then to recharge the Powerstation, use the included USB-C cable.

Weight 11.63 ounces
Battery Capacity 10000 mAh
Output Current 3 A
Defining Features
  • USB-C compatible battery
  • 10,000mAh battery gives you the power to do more
  • Supports 15W Fast Charge or speeds up to 3A
  • Priority+ charging charges the device battery first, then the Powerstation
  • Charge two devices at once with additional USB port
  • LED power indicator
Color Tags Gray