Save on the latest smartphones with TELUS Bring-It-Back.

Save big on the upfront cost of your new phone when you Bring-It-Back after 2 years. Available only at TELUS.

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How does TELUS Bring-It-Back work?

Pay Less Upfront
Pay even less upfront

New or existing TELUS customers get a deal on the latest flagship phones without breaking the bank or incurring any additional monthly device charges.

Bring it Back after 2 Years
Bring-It-Back after 2 years

At the end of your plan, bring your old phone back then upgrade again to the newest model with another big discount.

Keep your Phone
Want to keep your phone?

No problem! Choose to keep your device at the end of your plan and simply repay your upfront Bring-It-Back savings.

Galaxy Note9
See how much you can save

See how much you can save today.


The team at Tom Harris Cellular helps you find the best deal on the latest smartphones. Now, with TELUS Bring-It-Back, getting the phone you want is more affordable than ever.

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Frequently asked questions:


The device must meet the following criteria to be considered eligible for a return. You will need to pay back the Bring-It-Back discount if the criteria is not met:

  1. Device must power on and navigate properly to the home screen
  2. The activation lock must be turned off
  3. The LCD must function correctly and be free of dead spots or bruising
  4. The screen must be undamaged and free of cracks
  5. The rest of the device must be undamaged with no cracks, missing parts, or signs of water damage
  6. All information must be wiped

Terms and conditions are subject to change. Please contact us for current details


If your phone is damaged and no longer meets the Bring-It-Back criteria, you will be required to pay back the Bring-It-Back discount. Be sure to sign-up for an extended warranty like AppleCare+ or TELUS Device Care so if something happens to your phone, we'll exchange it for the same device so you can avoid any additional charges


Terms and conditions are subject to change. Please contact us for current details