OtterBox Otterbox Utility Latch II 7"


Tablets are the second greatest gadget to own after a smartphone. And these smaller tablets are something we’re likely to purchase for our kids. And, who needs protection more than kids? No one. So once you have them all set up with a Defender Series case the second most important item is the Utility Series Latch II 7”- 8”. This handy set of straps and handles makes using these slim and light tablets much easier in every circumstance. With this 7-inch tablet carrying case, you can hold it by the hand strap, attach it to the headrest of a car or tether it from your neck. The utility of this carrying case for 7” tablets is endless.

Material Velcro, Synthetic Rubber, Polyester
Other Features
Other Features Hand strap, Adjustable strap
Screen Protector Included No