Kenu Airframe+ Car Kit


The Airframe+ Car Kit joins two of Kenu’s best accessories into the ultimate travel bundle. The Airframe+ provides a streamlined and safe experience for drivers looking to mount their device in sight. Perfect for viewing your GPS, streaming music and taking hands-free calls and works with all smartphones and phablets with up to six-inch screens. The included Dualtrip in-car charger featuring two side-by-side USB ports that can charge multiple devices simultaneously at maximum speed.

Airframe+ has a spring-loaded expandable jaw, designed to work with all smartphones and phablets with up to six-inch screens. Its rotating clip is compatible with most vent types.

Dualtrip is compatible with all USB cables and is ideal for charging multiple devices simultaneously, including smartphones, phablets, tablets, and Bluetooth speakers at maximum speed. Charging cables not included.

Dualtrip’s design is slim and sleek, making it ideal for travel. It conveniently fits inside Airframe+ for compact storage on the go.

Weight 2.79 ounces
Defining Features •Safely mounts to any vent type (horizontal, vertical, angled, and circular) •Expandable grip securely holds most smartphones (up to 6” screens) •Two side-by-side high-speed USB ports •Output of 2.4 amps from each port •Ultra-fast safe charging