Phone isn't working! What do I do!?

Troubleshooting your Phone

If you are having problems with your TELUS, Mike or Koodo Mobile phone or device Tom Harris is here to help. We've included a few of the most frequent problems below with options you can consider. If you need further assistance you can contact us or visit a store location near you.

Phone Won't Turn on or Hold a Charge

The battery might be dead or there may be a problem with the phone. Bring your phone into a Tom Harris location to receive advice on purchasing a new battery or receiving a repair estimate and loaner phone. 

TIP: Don't let your Lithium-Ion battery run flat.  Charge your phone battery before it dies to avoid long-term damage.  Keep your phone battery cool and away from heat or direct sunlight.

Screen is Broken or Cracked

For most models, we can send your phone to a Manufacturer Authorized Repair Centre and have the broken screen replaced.  We can provide you with a loaner phone while yours is away.  Bring your phone into a Tom Harris location to receive a repairs estimate and loaner phone.   

TIP: Don't forget to buy a protective case and/or screen protector when your phone comes back from being repaired.

Phone has suffered Water Damage

If you've dropped your phone in water we recommend placing it in a zip lock bag full of uncooked rice immediately. Leave it in there for a day or two allowing the rice to suck up a lot of the moisture. Your phone may have still suffered water damage so see what works and what doesn't. If your phone doesn't work please visit a store location to see what we can do to replace the device.

TIP: Keep your phone out of a steamy bathroom and don't use it in the rain.  A single drop of rain or a bit of steam is enough to cause unrepairable damage.

Tom Harris also has a number of Device Protection/Service Plans that allow you to protect your phone through the length of your contract. Visit a store location today for more information.

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