TELUS SmartHome Security

Keep your home safe and secure
with the latest smart technology

TELUS SmartHome Security is an all in one solution that integrates security and safety monitoring with your smart home devices.

Plans from $25 per month

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Save up to 20% off your home insurance premium

Home insurance provides typically offer discounts averaging 5-20% when security systems are installed.

Save up to 6% on your home heating bill

With a smart thermostat installed, expect to save up to 6% on your heating bill. Even more if you have light and energy management systems in place.

Customize your TELUS SmartHome Security package with the latest security, safety and home automation technology

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  • Flood and temperature sensor - Be notified of emergencies that could result in property damage.
  • Smoke sensor - Get an alert as soon as smoke is detected in your home.
  • Smart plug - lamp - Turn on your lights without flicking a switch.
  • Outdoor camera - See what’s happening around your home.
  • Indoor camera - Keep an eye on your kids or pets when you’re away from home.
  • Doorbell - slimline - Hear it ring, see who’s there and have a two-way conversation, anywhere.
  • Main control panel - Two-way voice communication and total control of your smart home devices.
  • Secondary wireless keypad - Conveniently located control of your everyday smart home devices.
  • 4 button key ring remote - Forgot to lock the doors? No problem.
  • Door/window sensor - Know when every entrance is open or closed.
  • Glass break sensor - Feel secure knowing critical zones are monitored.
  • Carbon monoxide detector - Protect your home from unseen hazards.
  • Motion detector - Detect activity around your home from anywhere.
  • Automated 60W LED lightbulb - Fully automated energy efficient lighting.
  • Smart plug - appliance - Get dinner started on the way home.

Plans from $25 per month

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